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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

six more

  • Yasmin the Light - Infamous liutenant to the Dark Lord. A deadly shot with her Iron Bow.
  • Ultracroc - A terrible creature that haunts the eastern swamps. Even the most experienced hunters avoid it if they can.
  • Rocket Vampire - An ancient, if stupid, custom for those without a carriage to carry dead relatives to the graveyard involved paying a priest to strap a rocket to its back instead. A terrifying method of corpse-delivery.
  • Dangerous Pig - Woe to those who cross this pig.
  • Abstract Devil - Called through by mathematicians from Calabi-Yau space, these mischevious demons enjoy crafting frustratingly logical puzzles to perplex the living.
  • Distraught Sailor - This man suffered a breakdown upon coming to the realisation that after a lifetime of swashbuckling he had made little impression on the world at large. He eases his constant sadness by beating others to death with a damp oar.


Some more of the same. Trying for a different colour pallette and attempting to get the lines a bit cleaner than they were.


Tom Bunker said...

these are great. what program did you use to draw them?

Joe Sparrow said...

thanks! all in photoshop, using the pencil tool. also good if you want an MSpaint-y effect... i love jagged edges...