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Friday, 18 February 2011

Design-A-Character Shape Challenge January 2011

Here's my contribution for last month's Design-A-Character challenge - basically a page on deviantart that posts little challenges for you to stretch your character design muscles. Mine are admittedly puny right now but I'm hittin' the gym so to speak!

In case ya haven't put 2 'n' 2 together yet, January's challenge was to take a series of five shapes (download them from the link above) and doodle a character fitting the outline of each one. The rules aren't strict, there aren't any prizes - it's just a little thingy to get your imagination a-flowin'.

also I have been listening to so much Groucho Marx lately it's untrue. If you read up a little on his life and maybe watch a few marx brothers movies it should give you the context to be able to get into just listening to the guy talk. he's like a verbal machinegun, even though a lot of his stuff is scripted he was obviously a super witty guy.

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