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Tuesday, 14 September 2010


a shot I was rendering today. I think Jonathan modelled the geometry of the buildings, I put Damian's linework over them in a sort of scrappy way. I don't think they'll get used since it probably looks a little too 3D for Damian's tastes but I liked the colours I got.


Jonathan Harris said...

Wow, things getting done. Looks great. I did indeed model the buildings, oh so long ago.

Mid September's a bit optimistic as a target now, though, isn't it?

Joe Sparrow said...

hahahahahahaha. optimism is definitely the word of the month.

damian's told me he managed to sweet-talk the examiners or whatever to give him an extension until mid october. i have a sneaking suspicion he's bullshitting somehow though.

me and emmie (other ex kingston who's helping me with the sheer mass of compositing) are just ploughing through to get everything to a certain standard, my plan is then that damian can go through shots individually and tweak them where he wants (thereby turning them into horrible, messy, unreadable after effects files).