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Sunday, 19 September 2010

aboleth work

This weeks Dungeons & Drawings piece didn't turn out quite as well as the last two, I think. The sketches I did had a lot more character, which I think the computery stuff flattened. I know if I'd tried to finish one of them by hand I probably would have siezed up and made it look crap, though. I like the finished photoshop linework (the top image above) but I feel like I could have made more of an effort with the background - something to show the scale, some sort of Aboleth architecture or something.

Also, when I sketch I tend to make a few double page spreads with just two colours of marker and black - in this case, light green and pinkish orange - I think next week I might make an image with limited colour, the last few weeks have been chromatically kinda sqamped.

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