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Monday, 26 July 2010

more don moroi

this is what i was working on the last couple of days.

tomorrow I'm going into a studio in london to help composite some stuff together for a 3d short film. i was going to do some work on it at home in preparation but, unfortunately, the models don't work on my version of 3ds max. so, I thought i'd do some long-planned 3d character animation with this blocky old vampire.

the idea is that I'm going to matchmove this shot with him behind a table in a cafe or a bar or something, do a couple of other shots and then combine it with what i already animated before and make it into a little mock trailer for a documentary about this retired vampire character.

i'm sort of pleased with the fluidity of the animation, although he has these enormous arms which are difficult to animate without having his elbows fly around in circles (IK animation is sort of difficult!). in some of the pose transitions (and I know it's very pose-to-pose, I just wanted to make it kinda basic at first) I had to adjust the elbow rotation frame-by-frame, which is why it looks sort of stop-motion-y. But I like that! It adds to the whole "old man jitters" thing I tried to do.

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Jack Cunningham said...

Really nice Joe, hypnotic!