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Saturday, 17 July 2010

biiiig birds

tidbits from a project I'm working on with Exit. trying to get a little more character into the shapes, make it not just a straight drawing of a bird in flight, but not too much like this. the bird's holding a whale, there, incidentally, it's supposed to be really huge.

For those who don't know, D&D stands for Dungeons and Dragons, a sort of really complicated boardgame designed by some guys with neckbeards in the 1970s. For the younger and more, uh, technologically minded of my readers (I guess) it's basically like World of Warcraft without being a videogame. You have your character (your elf, dwarf, centaur, whatever) and you go on an adventure as determined by the "Dungeon Master", one of you who gets the role of a sort of storyteller. 

It's a lot of fun - particularly for the more obsessive among us there's a lot of customisation to be had in the design of characters (something I always like in videogames regardless of their genre). But for me (and countless others) the most thrills are to be had in this bad boy right here:

It's a Manual. of Monsters. you can read this shit for hours, I've always found its comprehensive cataloguing of every species of fauna (and flora, believe it or not) you're likely to have the misfortune of fighting to be incredibly engrossing for its sheer imaginative volume and colourful illustrations.

more on this project soon (when I feel like I have more work  to scan in and upload - every sketchbook i own but one is currently in an incredibly untidy storage state at home), it's turning out to be really fun so I'll dedicate a whole post to its announcement. Stay tuned, true believers! Excelsior, etc etc.


Ben Tobitt said...

Joe, you bastard. closest i could get to these guys was working for some knock off splinter cell of the company who said they where working with wizards of the coast but have since gone under.
Well done me ole matey, hope t see more monsters soon.

Emmie Bednall said...

You know what you should include in the birds thing? THIS BAD BOY:

The horrendous Marabou Stork. They were abundant in Kenya, mostly standing in the middle of the road ready to take your possessions and your life.