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Friday, 9 April 2010

why is my body so ill

I've had like the flu for about a week. I only got back home to london yesterday - today I've been working on comping some animation I'm doing using illustrations provided by a highly talented friend of mine Matt Dicks.

The collage elements you can see here are 99.9% pure Matt.

He's a great editorial illustrator, but I've been wanting to try some animation using collage for a while (in a Gilliam/South Park vein, although the latter has so many vehement haters I'm almost afraid to namecheck it as a reference) and he does some great dadaist cutout stuff with photographs, so I thought he'd be fun to swap ideas with.

Spent most of today trying to build some animateable creatures in After Effects using parenting, some of more promising attempts you can see above. I'm going to try puppeting it at some point, but I'd rather all the joints were absolute rather than being bends in a single image.

Anyway, you should probably go check out Matt's website if you haven't already.

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