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Monday, 12 April 2010

flesh crab



Rachel said...

Looking superb Joe and Matt! Where is your follow button Joe? I want to follow you!

Joe Sparrow said...

i've put it up there now i didn't know how to put it there before ;_; sorry

Jonathan Harris said...

Why animated at 12.5 fps?

Looks disturbing regardless.

Joe Sparrow said...

what, on twos? I guess I didn't intend it to go fast enough that it would warrant ones. do you think it would read better at 25 fps?

Jonathan Harris said...

It's worth a try. It may lack the same charm on ones.
Are you doing it frame-by-frame with stepped keyframes or something?

Joe Sparrow said...

yes, hold keyframes on every other frame, played at 25fps

i was going to parent together an AE puppet but I don't know how to get that to work in an IK sort of way, so the whole thing is actually done without parenting at all, which was a stupid idea because it took me a long time to do.