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Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Nausicaä Review

I did a review of a comic I reread recently called Nausicaä, which some of you might be familiar with. I decided to put it on my as-yet-unused LJ, which I'm trying to switch over to from blogspot. Go check it out!


Jonathan Harris said...
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Jonathan Harris said...

Hey, nice review. I actually find the scratchy linework makes some panels a bit difficult to read, personally. I'm still in the middle of re-reading it, though (I refuse to read manga on a screen if I can get it in print, but I'm poor and can only justify buying another volume every so often). If you like intricate linework as texture, though, check out some of Junji Ito's stuff, especially Uzumaki. It's top-notch.

Do watch Eva. It's something else I need to rewatch, but whether you like it or not, it's sufficiently iconic and genre-defining to be worth seeing. They're also currently doing a reimagining of the series as a film tetralogy (two are done so far, I think). The manga version is still ongoing, too, I've only read a bit but apparently it's completely different (it's done by the series' character designer, Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, rather than Anno).