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Friday, 3 July 2009


I get a bit confused about what exactly It's Nice That exists for as an organisation (as it branches out into so many avenues of art & design), so I'll just present you with the description given us by the "about" page of the site: "It’s Nice That is focused on publicising, promoting and archiving the very best contemporary work from across the creative industry."

Really interesting website, they do these talks from contemporary illustrators, animators and artists in general which are great to watch, so I thought I'd embed one here.

This one is by Johnny Kelly, who is an illustrator-turned-animator who works usually using a mixture of CGI, stop-motion and some conventional animation, so he's sort of relevant to me right now. He also did an animation which is quite popular about procrastination, which you might have seen.

It's Nice That Talk #7 – Johnny Kelly from It's Nice That on Vimeo.

The site is great to just browse through and look at stuff. I found an odd little animation done by Charles and Ray Eames, who were a married couple who were famous for making furniture in the mid-twentieth century. It's called "Powers of Ten" and reminds me a lot of xkcd.

Also, check out an art blog by independent london-based commercial arts studio YES, which I also got linked to through this site, at Nothing by the artists themselves, but a beautiful collection of artistical ephemera nonetheless.

I spent all morning tidying the house, or, more accurately, waging a one-man war against a brood of Pholcus Phalangioides
that have developed an attraction for the corners of the rooms of my house. I think Exit said it was a family that was living for a while in the cupboard under the sink, but most of them are pretty big and fast now. Exit may have an infestation of mice in her house. Mice. I'm not entirely sure that this is fair.

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