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Wednesday, 1 July 2009


Been looking at a lot animation/illustration I haven't seen before, finding it pretty inspiring.

Music video for a band called "Cornelius" which I haven't heard of. Got this through Harvey James' blog. This kind of completely abstract thing is something I'd really like to do in the future.

Untitled from Lauren Gregg on Vimeo.

One of a series of animations I found done in part by illustrator Lauren Gregg. The movement here is a little clumsy and motion tween-y at times, but the consideration of colour and the design lead character are kind of nice. Gregg is a really top-notch illustrator, and gets a lot of work for that distinctive style of hers.

This is a music video for a song by a French band called Dionysos, and is probably done in something like After Effects because the movement of the big guy is kind of puppet-ish. I think it looks really nice, though, the general hand-drawn effect works really well. The art is apparently done by a famous Franco-Belgian artist named Joann Sfar, who produced a lot of work in the late '90s - present. A charming style, and the song isn't so bad either.

I'm feeling pretty lazy right now so I'm going to shower and change and then go down the road an eat in a restaurant.

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