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Thursday, 9 April 2009

Final Major Project Stuff

These are some colour/composition ideas I did today for my forthcoming final major project.

I'm doing it as part of a group of two, but my partner-in-animation is in brussels right now so we're working separately. A lot of influence has come from Chuck Jones (famous old Warner Bros. director) and Alexander Calder, who makes these big mobiles which sort of remind me of Míro (or however you spell his name), who has recently become one of my favourite artists. Anyway, these are pretty rough and a little more abstract than I'd intended.

The sound we picked is a song called "Parks On Fire" by a band called Trifonic. We decided as a group that we wanted it to be sort of space-themed, and the track reflects that in a really cool way. The ideas are largely based around having a large, complex mobile with lots of nice shapes and whatnot representing astral bodies, then shining different lights on them, filming it and overlaying hand-drawn animation over the top.

The only thing I think I might need to consciously away from is that the Calder-esque shapes make it look more like blood cells than stars. Other than that I think the colours could look ok in an animation. Compositions obviously need work.

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