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Saturday, 28 March 2009


I probably should have mentioned this earlier, but my good buddy exit and I are going to the jolly little gathering that has been named the UK WEB & MINI COMIX THING which is being held in london (I still need to double check where ;_;). Not only am I going to rub shoulders with other amateur webcomic artistes and promote myself, but internet famous person Kate Beaton is going to be there too, so I plan to be gathering up some tasty historically-themed goodies , getting her to sign them and then maybe giving her one of my flyers if I can pluck up the courage. Speaking of which, I am going to the expo armed with 40 of these guys:

What this means is two things: firstly, that I might get some new traffic (which could be great) and secondly that I'm actually GOING TO HAVE TO POST SOME COMICS AND PUT THEM UP WHICH I FEEL LIKE I HAVEN'T DONE IN AGES considering this is you know A COMICS BLOG and not a HEY-HERE'S-SOMETHING-COOL-I-FOUND-ON-YOUTUBE-I'LL-WRITE-AN-ENTRY-ABOUT-IT-BLOG.

So, if you're here from following the flyer, welcome, have a look around, make yourself at home. The earlier entries are more comic-heavy so have a look back there if that's why you came. This is basically my work-in-progress blog where I try to get better at drawing comics and making jokes etc. I hope you enjoy your stay and it doesn't put you off so you never come back. ;_;


The Juzzard said...

Cooee. I'm here from following the flyer. Just looking round atm. Also added you to my 'following' list because I like what i see. :)

unsummon said...

thankyou. likewise!