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Sunday, 6 February 2011


  • cat king - Not actually a monarch of cats, but a charismatic thief wearing a stolen crown. Chief among the rebels fighting the Lord of Nails.
  • cat shaman - An evil cat with supernatural powers bestowed by a magical hat. Only concerned with the accumulation of power for selfish gain.
  • ? ? ? - A living stone found at an archeological dig, capable of flight. Does not speak. Origin speculated to be some ancient megalithic structure of unknown design and purpose.
  • cat - Possibly the only cat in the world known to have evaded the Lord of Nails' control. However, this was probably by accident, as there is absolutely nothing special about this cat.
  • cat mummy - A weak-minded cat for whom the Nail Lord's control meant utter loss of will. Zombie-like in behaviour.
  • rook knight - A mighty rook warrior who protects the sky-palace of the Crow Captains. Wields a small but finely crafted pick-axe to deadly effect.
  • chlorophyll ghost - Strange, globular creatures observed in forested areas. Known to move about in unpredictable patterns.
  • steampunk zebedee - Steam-powered mechanical soldiers built by kingdoms past who were keen to avoid the complications of sentient militia. Now more often found repurposed in the posession of private individuals looking for a fighter without pity.
  • astronomer trismegistus - High scientist-in-residence at the sky-palace. Works for the crows but has his own agenda. Particularly interested in stars and planets.
  • violent hare - A common thug in the wastelands beyond civilisation. Unintelligent but revels in the joy of combat - a fine unarmed fighter.
  • hot pot hellion - A diabolic heat-based demon probably created by a mad scientist or a chef. more trouble than it looks.
  • smokewing tarragon - An extremely rare creature which flies on wings of pure smoke from two flaming jets on its back. Scars the sky with flames as it flies.
  • blue-furred immortal - A creature which can take infinite amounts of punishment and always survive. It is skewered on a magic sword which binds it to do the swordsman's bidding. Its blood will heal any wound.
  • zombie hooligan - The dead body of a mischevious child animated by a fell moon. The people it kills get up and kill! It wields a cursed cleaver.
  • lord of nails - Legendary lord of darkness and current ruler of all of cat-kind. Has an unusually high blood iron content causing iron nails to sprout from his body like hairs. He hammers these through his subjects to exert his psychic domination.
  • dreaming businessman - A wandering dreamer from the world of man. his unconscious mind has manifested physically and drags him to some unknown destination.
  • bad astronaut - a doomed space-traveller from another dimension. he seems to have been in some kind of accident.

Moving sprites coming soon! I started this in frustration at not being able to attend the GGJ 2011 due to other work but I'm thinking of making a personal project out of it. I've pretty much been doing one a day so far, and I think they get better as I go along.

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Catherine Unger said...

Love these a lot, it would be amazing to see them implemented into a game. They remind me alot of the guilty gear franchise