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Sunday, 28 November 2010

hnggg part 2

I've been fascinated by this sequence in the simpsons for the last couple of days:

it's when homer has a heart attack in front of mister burns. there's something about heart attacks I find significant, if i ever properly had a panic attack in the past i would convince myself my heart had stopped. I still worry that with my rampant stress levels it'll be a likely way for me to go. my grandad had a few of them!

You should look at this if you want to see the real breadth of artistic talent that went into the simpsons over the last twenty years. the whole scene is a crescendo of homer's physical tension, and is accompanied by this cute little cutaway of his heart in the bottom right.

the poses start out pretty powerful to begin with (crazier than you'd get nowadays at least) but then something just clicks, and the final spasm is this fast, complex little dance that involves some amazing extremes and lots of silly smears.

"You know that feeling you get where a thousand knives of fire are stabbing you in the heart? I got that right... now..."

sorry about the low quality and occasionally visible "play" buttons, the scene's so fast it can't really be helped, and I'm sure as hell not shelling out for simpsons dvds.

early simpsons has this weird aura for me, the whole yellow skin thing always seemed strangely significant although I could never work out why or how.

i used to play this game in an arcade as a kid, it's pretty bizarre.

sorry about the recent frequency of posts, just trying to get stuff out of my system in a roundabout way.

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