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Wednesday, 27 October 2010

a secret chord

i'm only posting these because I'm sick of that roman comic being the top post on my blog. these are some doodles from my sketchbook from the last few months, ranging from work-related minutiae (top) tiredness-addled attempts at drawing material for a zine (middle) and dungeons-and-dragons related tat (bottom).

not that i use this blog to actually note down what's going on in my life, but things are okay right now. i'm trying to get a part-time job as an assistant librarian nearby and have a couple of paid artsy jobs either on the go or about to start. I have some animations that are going to be on tv soon for MTV2's new season of gonzo (I'll post links soon) and am working with a couple of people on some personal projects (mostly comic-related stuff). My landlady is reasonably nice but can be rather blunt about things which I find sort of intimidating. I am having a lot of dreams with curiously significant themes (I like the idea that this means something but obviously it doesn't). I find the early evening darkness of the winter pretty intimidating.

i'll post something less half-assed soon.

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