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Tuesday, 28 September 2010


flash is so much nicer to sketch in than photoshop for some reason. everything is a nice friendly simple vector.

finished quite a long stint at nickelodeon today, paid too. I went to the trocadero to celebrate and practiced a bit with Q. i can never get past the fourth fucking stage in that game, but it's fun to play and pleasantly animated.

edit: dungeons and drawings is hugely late this week, sorry. mostly as a result of that nickelodeon work and my not being happy with any of my sketches.


Jonathan Harris said...

I usually end up just playing Point Blank when I pass through the Trocadero these days. I am no longer gay enough to play dance games or associate with the people who do.

I do also like Flash to sketch in, until you draw too much and it starts to be slow. Still better than Photoshop, though.

Joe Sparrow said...

ha! "pass through" doesn't quite describe the experience for me, it's like crawling into the belly of a gigantic steel whale filled with crusty videogame machines. I just lurk the aisle with all the fighting games and occasionally try and play one of the upscrolling shootemups.

when you say "no longer" does that mean you used to be gay enough to play dance games? because that would be funny.

Jonathan Harris said...

Oh I was very, very "gay enough" to play dance games. I was even genuinely good at them at one point.

Just ask anybody on my year.

Chris Zammit said...

Q is sick but trocadero Cabs are atrocious, go to Casino in Goodge street they have better quality cabs + fighters

like the drawing btw