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Thursday, 19 August 2010

sketchbook stuff

I feel like I don't have much finished stuff to post at the moment (besides D&D stuff) so here's some of the stuff I've been mindlessly drawing lately.

I find I draw tons of this stuff when I'm at work on something else. I get really easily bored of something if I concentrate on it for any protracted period of time so I find scribbling like this helps a lot, as well as visualising a lot of ideas I have before they lose their conceptual "zing".

A lot of is it in imitation of stuff I see (and like) on other people's blogs, so if you see something that looks like someone else's work it's not exactly plagiarism, just me practicing stuff. Some of it is drawn from life, too - I feel like I still haven't bridged that elusive gap between life drawing and functional drawing yet but I feel like I'm starting to see how one can feed into the other (a year or so ago I didn't get how this could work at all, so I guess that's progress).

The last two pages of the guy in the ultraman-esque costume are from a comic book I'm currently working on.

1 comment:

Jonathan Harris said...

Those Shash doodles on the second page are awesome.

All reminds me that I haven't kept a sketchbook in ages. :(