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Thursday, 1 July 2010

the G stands for Geraldine

I... borrowed... a couple of images from the nickelodeon style guide library, including a bunch of Hey Arnold! turnarounds and backgrounds. I really like this show, my girlfriend and I have been watching a bunch of it lately. It's obviously for a young audience but it isn't half as saccharine as most other shows of its ilk (whilst still retaining some worthwile morals). Helga's sort of ridiculous, though - she's probably the first tsundere character I can remember seeing. It's taken to a silly extreme - she is horrible to Arnold at every chance she gets but psychotically obsesses over him pretty much every moment he's not around (I think she makes a bust of his head out of gum at one point). Somehow she still manages to be a wonderfully well-rounded character and I obviously had a crush on her.

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Maria Leon said...

do you have the ones from arnold?? I really need them please!!!