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Friday, 30 April 2010

skills project result

results from the skills project I've been working on for the last few weeks. the tutors went nuts for it (especially the matchmoving - the black and white stuff still needs something). Again, special thanks and shout-out to Jonathan Harris, who was responsible for modelling and rigging the character from scratch.


Jonathan Harris said...

Oh wow, that is really very classy. I'm glad to see that the way his shoulders come apart from the body looks that appealing. The rendering looks great in both parts, too, which method did you go with for the second?
Also loving the way you did the spark and flame on the match. Flash, right? The smoke from the cigarette is neat too.

I see a bit of knee poking through the coat, and I would've had the hand with the match come up to the cigarette a bit faster, but that's really all I can nitpick.

How did you get the end of the stick planting so well on the ground, by the way? Did you just have the pivot point at the bottom end and move/rotate it with the hand manually?


Joe Sparrow said...

thanks, man. for the second one i really enjoyed doing the falloff method of the cel-shading, so i used that, but I wanted different coloured lights on different areas of the same material so I did it in a bunch of different passes (white light, orange light, grey light etc). the only thing I don't like is that you get what look like perfect "circles" of light because i'm just using point lights, and it looks a little unnatural.

well spotted with the coat, I'll fix that at some point. i was pretty proud of myself for the stick thing, I actually parented the big hand control to the stick, then put the pivot at the bottom, then animated the stick itself. i'm not sure what I would have done if he was going to pick it up or drop it, though!