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Friday, 23 April 2010

rough animation

some animation I've been doing for the last couple of days using this character I must have designed almost a year ago. I know he's pretty boring but there's something I find pleasantly anatomical about making him move.

I'm basically doing this because it's like the third year of my course and it repeatedly hits me that I've done very little "genuine" character animation. In my second year I was really timid so I tried to design everything so it would be easy to draw moving and cut a lot of corners - as a result all my character-based projects kind of sucked (not forgetting that they were my first attempts at doing that kind of thing). I could blame the course for this (darn them making me think of meaning before teaching me function!) but it's probably more my fault for not just manning up and trying to draw what I'd want to look at, or something.

Anyway, I feel right now I really need to just do what I want as much as I can before I leave uni, so whilst working on everything else I'm going to try and do a couple of these short character animations on the side.


Ben Tobitt said...

cool. the super dramatic action at the end reminds me of general grievous in the clone wars cartoon. the good one not the 3d one.
great stuff

Joe Sparrow said...

yeah grievous is so fucking awesome in that series, it was just like their attempt to make him badass again after how lame he was in the movies. also used the jaimie hewlett monkey from the beijing olympics animation as a reference.

Jack Cunningham said...

ace animation Josef!!!