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Tuesday, 20 April 2010

3d models aplenty

I received the fixed maya model of my character today; this one was modelled by one of the students on the 3d Design course at Kingston. The student's original model was pretty dire - but I think the 3d course's tutor is really keen to make the whole collaboration idea work, so he basically remodelled and rigged it himself.

i'm pretty impressed by how much he managed to do (I'm serious, the old model was really terrible), but I'm still not fond of the way the model looks. The rigging is almost entirely fixed (a couple of annoying things here and there) but it's in Maya, which is not a program I'm familiar with.

In addition to this, a friend of mine and Kingston graduate Jonathan Harris is very generously modelling and rigging the same character from scratch with a more stylised, blocky look in mind, which hopefully will work much better. I wasn't expecting to have the earlier model repaired, but oh well!

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