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Friday, 19 March 2010

final film, rough draft

We had a crit for our final project this year the day before yesterday. this is a rough version of it - there are still some animatic shots in there, and the tutors suggested a bunch of changes/additions.

some rough storyboard sketches (I feel like I have, like, two sketchbooks filled with these now):


Jonathan Harris said...

Good job getting through the hell that is the FMP.

I'd have said it needed more stuff that interacts with the environment (especially right at the beginning so it leaves a better initial impression), and just more stuff in general, though it is, of course, easy to say that. I don't know how you did all this.

Joe Sparrow said...

thanks. the tutors essentially said the same - we're going to try and storyboard some kind of "round-up" shot right at the end which will feature all the individual creatures together in one shot, maybe all being sucked into a book or something, which will hopefully give it a bit more of a climax. we'd had such a shot suggested to us in the past and I always thought it would be nice but logistically I just found it a bit scary.

in terms of plot and stuff I'd have loved to have something more meaningful and snappy but I found the conceptual stage difficult enough as it is, so I'm happy to have something that would look good chopped up in a showreel.

how many changes did you end up making to yours after the "final" crit? or was it pretty much finished by that point?

Jonathan Harris said...

Well, mostly I just needed to actually finish it (it was a very rough render and comp for the crit... in fact I think I'd only rendered it on twos!). I probably tightened up aspects of the story but I think it was mostly settled by that point.

How many ideas for the overall story did you discard? I had so many ideas that got thrown out, many that nobody else ever even saw.

Joe Sparrow said...

we went through a bunch of ideas right at the start but the general idea of the project was sorted out reasonably early. after two years of being told to "kill your darlings" or whatever the tutors started encouraging us to try and make our ideas work by modifying them rather than just starting from scratch.

I think one of the problems we had was starting out with a method and trying to fit a plot to it rather than the other way around.