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Monday, 28 December 2009

hey look i can do stuff with halftone

So I had some pieces of location drawing that I sorta liked but were a little sketchy and unfinished so I thought I'd go crazy with photoshop and spruce them up a bit using its awkward and limited halftone filter.

I don't have a tablet and pen that works with this computer, but I think the jagged, mouse-drawn edges make it look nice, in an Ashley Wood kind of way. zip tone sort of looks like this if you cut it up with a scalpel, anyway.

From top to bottom these are: 

- some aztec sculptures I drew at the Montezuma exhibit that's on in London right now
- a mask on my wall at home that my dad apparently got from Thailand (I remember it being on the wall in his old flat, it used to creep me out)
- one of the larger docks (empty) at falmouth, a town near where I live where I did my foundation a coupla years ago.

latter two I drew over christmas, the first one I did on a trip into london a while ago.

In unrelated news, I just saw Avatar and, despite my best intentions of disliking it, I thought it was one of the best films out this year. Maybe I'll write a review or something, but I'd be interesting to hear what other people think of it and why.

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