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Sunday, 1 November 2009



looping stop-motion animation I did with the pumpkin I carved last night. give it a minute to load.

Pumpking carving, followed by pumpkin soup!

Grethe (second from right) gets extra credit for making an extra good pumpkin cyclops which scared a lot of children. Mine (far left) looks sort of ramshackle this year, but I couldn't figure out how else to carve it incrementally for the stop-motion thing. Usually mine look more like adam's, I swear!

The twist ending to this tale is that all the pumpkins but one were stolen during the night.

We found mine down the road, like this:


In other, unrelated news, I found an amazing fantasy art thread in /tg/ the other day and saved a bunch of images. I might make a post of them soon, but here's one to keep you going until then.

Trying to use these as inspiration to inform some layout / background sketches and paintings I'm working on.

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