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Wednesday, 25 November 2009

assorted recent drawings

Just dumping some drawings from life done relatively recently that I'm sort of proud of.

Kinda stupid to do this one in blue pencil. I never figured out why folks like John K draw sketchy stuff in that specific blue. I thought it was so it didn't reproduce by photocopy or something, but I really have no idea. Anyway, I like both the line and tonal variance in this drawing.

This wasn't totally accurate to the pose, but it was fun and I felt like I got a semblance of the model's face down pretty well.

This is my back yard, I did it over summer when I was trying to do a regimen of one drawing from life per day. Didn't hold it up for too long, mind you! ;_;

Another one of my summer drawings, this time just of some building I like. The lack of tone is a bit of a cop-out but I guess I could always scan it in and block colour it in photoshop or something.

I did this a little more recently. This was a really quick exercise in gouache I did outside Paddington station the last time my little brother came to visit. Still trying to get better at this, but it's not like anybody's teaching me how to paint or anything. Oh, university!

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