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Thursday, 1 October 2009

monster sketches

so we had the crit for the character design project and my tutors made some astute points about the development of my characters that basically explained how some of the earlier work (this and this) is a lot more interesting than the sort of more generic body shapes I ended up with later on (this sort of thing).

I initially moved away from the more abstracted square-body designs because I was worried it was constructed in a way that was more focused on style than 3-d form (and in that analysis I think I was right) but I think the way I'm developing him now it'll work pretty well.

Although I like the poses I did of the dragon-thing the overall design was always a little lacklustre, and if I changed the man I'd have to change the monster too, otherwise it'd look weird. I decided him to redesign his body shape entirely - he's gone from "horned dog-dragon" to "fanged walrus-bantha". It's sort of a knee-jerk reaction to a design I was only mildly unhappy with but I really like this big black-haired guy. Bear in mind that he's around the size of a house.


Cake Breath said...

the new walrus-bantha design is great. Reminds me vaguely of the Groke, in the best possible way.

unsummon said...

yes! this likeness has been commented on before. my friend has watched a lot of moomin over the summer, a lot of their character designs are awesome.