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Thursday, 10 September 2009

character development

I kind of want to save some of this for the actual project crit (some of my classmates will probably see this) but I've basically completed the character sheet for the guy and today I've been working on the monster. I'm doing the finished sheets in photoshop (I posted one of them above, the bottom image of Moroi) using vectors to get a sort of stylised, pen-drawn look. I've been watching a lot of the Clone Wars animated series lately and I'm being very inspired by it.

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Jonathan Harris said...

Meet the Heavy is definitely the best of the TF2 character videos. The Soldier was very good too. I'm not all that crazy about some of the more recent ones but they're still technically accomplished, at least.

The character looks pretty cool but the linework would benefit alot from some varied thickness. You can do it with calligraphic brushes in Illustrator.