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Thursday, 13 August 2009


Hey, I reviewed the series Neon Genesis Evangelion on my LJ. Have a look.


Jonathan Harris said...

So what'd you make o' them last two episodes, eh?

unsummon said...

Ehh, I totally skipped commenting on the ending. The final two episodes were a bit of a gip in terms of lacking an awesome animated finale, but I liked the bit at the very very end, when all the characters appear and just start clapping.

The movie is certainly a lot more satisfying to watch. I like that the cover of the english dvd box looks like it's just a you know an imaginary illustration with that red-eyed face in the distance and then you get to the end of the film and it's like oh ok there is actually a colossal head floating in the sea there. I liked how absurd an ending it was.