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Saturday, 15 August 2009

big bird WIP

Today I've been faffing in photoshop trying to do a dynamic shot of the bird and rider, trying to get a bit of that "I was made by a DeviantArt user with Photoshop" feel to it. It's harder than it looks. The sketchy drawing, as usual, has a lot more velocity to it than the later reworkings. I'm also struggling with colour in this one, I might change the colour of the "face" from light blue to something like light green in an attempt to get away from my usual tendency to stick to red/blue. finding the background difficult to introduce, too. I tried a couple of things but nothing's really impressing me yet. If anyone's familiar with this sort of art (this is probably the best example I can think of right now, done by a classmate of mine), then please feel free to suggest stuff.

Oh, also notice how I reintroduced the horns back to the design of the head, check the top drawing, you can just see them. I think it makes both his and the rider's faces just a little better.

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