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Friday, 16 January 2009


Well, considering the latest comic output has largely been pretty shit I think I'll post some stuff that I've been doing that's more uni-related, and thereby with less of a "made-in-less-than-half-an-hour-with-flash-and-a-wacom-tablet-and-a-half-baked-joke" look.
Firstly, last year we had a whole bunch of "one day projects" - at the beginning of the day we'd be given a simple or otherwise pretty cryptic brief and told to develop an outcome for it in just one day.

The brief for this was just a large ph
otocopy of a photo of a clock with no hands. The outcome I decided on was to cover a large piece of paper (it almost goes from the floor to the ceiling in my studio, which has a really high roof) in tally marks, the time-honoured method of timekeeping in such situations as desert-island-abandonments and prison incarcerations. I ended up making two of them, one multicoloured, one just black and red and a little more orderly.

This one was based on a brief entitled "50 bodies" - I found what looked to be a pretty legitimate star-map on google images and made this on the floor, to form a map of the 50 nearest notable celestial bodies to earth. At the end of the day it was dark outside so we turned off all the lights and it looked pretty nice.

In addition to the one day projects I'd been doing a little painting at home. This is a painting I've been working on for about a year, although I'm not sure whether I'm happy to call it finished yet I'm really pleased with the way it currently looks. It's certainly come a long way - the red-covered canvas you see here actually used to be a more abstract painting with lots of blues and pinks, and I painted it red in a bad mood. From there I moved on to the final image, which was initially supposed to be a decapitated gorilla with the letters "JS" spilling out of its head in squirts of blood. In hindsight, it looks a lot more like a panda. The skull on the far right here was actually a painting I did for another one day project, the brief for which was "ON/OFF". It's made up of electrical symbols and although it was rushed and could generally have been designed better I think it looks good.

This is from a comic I've been drawing the last week for another project at uni. We just had to make a 16-page A6 book with a little graphic narrative in it, it's been really fun. I enjoyed working with white on black for once.

This is just some face I drew.

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