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Sunday, 14 December 2008

I feel like I haven't done anything in ages but I feel pretty busy. Right now I have an essay to hand in before the end of term and an animation to finish. Which I should probably be getting on with now. It's a project where we have to animate two characters on a photograph background, just a little 10-20 second test in character animation.

It looks like this.

I'm playing a lot of Marathon lately. And I got back into starcraft, so when I go home to get depressed for a couple of weeks at Christmas I'll probably waste a lot of time playing that.

But, uh, the animation. Yeah. It's going okay. Hopefully I'll have it done by wednesday. Seriously, though, regarding christmas holidays, not only do I have a drawing project to do but I'm going to try and get some comics done. And get better at drawing expressions, scenery, and making jokes. And in general not be lazy.

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