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Wednesday, 24 September 2008

some more D&D sketch-type things

This one's pretty much finished, it's Aleister ("Al") again but with a decidedly greyer outlook. I really want to try and work a little bright colour in it to offset all the grey but so far I haven't found a way of doing so without making it look ugly and jarring.

This fellow's the doppelganger PC I'll be playing in my friend's new campaign. When I was younger I used to have tons of fun rifling through the Monster Manual deciding on what my favourite (the coolest) monster was - this fellow was always pretty high. If you didn't know, they're these weedy-looking (yet inhumanly strong) amphibian things that can change their appearance at will to resemble any medium-sized humanoid. I think the shiny bits on his skin work pretty well.

This hapless fellow is August, pretty much my first proper character. A skittish wizard, he specialises in summoning giant insects and having an absurd reflex save, as well as a weasel familiar who has miraculously managed to deliver the killing blow to two or three man-sized enemies, making him decidedly more lethal than any giant centipede August has managed to summon so far. Figures.

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