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Sunday, 6 July 2008

Listen Here.

My name's Josef Franklin Sparrow, and when I grow up I'd like to be a cartoonist. Only, I'm twenty, and I'm not really that good. And I have a whole summer which, instead of frittering away on videogames, I'm going to try and draw a lot of cartoons and eliminate some of the outright problems I have with drawing them

Primary issue is style, because I can draw to some standard in a lot of ways but I'm not outstandingly good in any, and I'd like to be. So, I'll be trying out a lot of styles and seeing if i can develop them into something that's both of a really good standard and something that's pretty unique.

This is going to be some sort of record to remind myself how little I do of my own volition on a day-to-day basis if I'm not given regular orders.

Here an example of a sketchbook page to try and give the impression that i'm a frenzied, crazily prolific artist.

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